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Starting Your Own Airbrush Tattoo Business

In this tutorial we are going go over the basics and fundamentals of finding retail locations negotiating rental agreements and what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. All the info in this tutorial is based on ITD, inc. experience in owning and operating over 20 retail locations over the past 7 years. Individual […]

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airbrush arm band tattoo Step 4

Airbrush Tattoo Armband Application

In this tutorial we explain how to apply a basic single layer armband. When done properly this should take under a minute. (Note: in high traffic locations minimal color variation and single layer tattoos are your bread and butter) We assume that you have all the correct equipment to do the job and that you […]

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Asian Dragon Sentcil 3

Airbrush Tattoo Advanced Techniques

In this tutorial we explain how easy it is to create some great looking body art in as little as 15 minutes. We assume that you have all the correct equipment to do the job and that you have some familiarity with the airbrush. Please read instructions thoroughly before attempting the process. Here is an […]

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Airbrush Tattoo Equipment and Setup

In this tutorial we will focus on the proper equipment set up, and maintenance information necessary for a well functioning airbrush body art system. We will assume that you have a fundamental understanding of how an airbrush and compressor work. Step 1: Equipment check: In this setup we will be using eight colors and ten […]

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