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Nevada Airbrush was originally founded in Reno, Nevada with the goal of supplying quality airbrush t-shirt products and outstanding customer service. As owners and operators of our own airbrush business, we are well informed and up to date on the most popular designs. We are all about excellence and efficiency in our stencils and in our business. We have been cutting our own stencils since 2005. With this experience, we have developed a huge stencil variety, offering designs to cater to any occasion, event, or interest. This range has been the key to our yearly success.
We are proud to announce that we have partnered with our friends at Island Tribal Designs to bring you airbrush stencils; these have been tested and proven successes among customers in our own store. Our top notch stencils will increase your productivity and more than double your profits! So why wait? We have hundreds of stencil designs, and our inventory continues to grow every day. Our stencils are one layered, made from a .10 mm mylar material that is solvent safe to clean. These are reusable for years to come: an investment that will truly be worth your while. We hope to provide an airbrush resource that can bring you the satisfaction and value that it has brought to us. The above picture is an airbrushed t-shirt finished product using this stencil.
If you have any questions or need a custom design call Island Tribal at 702-838-9810

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Weight .25 kg


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