Airbrush Tattoo Advanced Techniques

In this tutorial we explain how easy it is to create some great looking body art in as little as 15 minutes. We assume that you have all the correct equipment to do the job and that you have some familiarity with the airbrush. Please read instructions thoroughly before attempting the process.


Here is an image to show you the final product. In our example we have chosen a three stencil overlay Asian dragon design. For the most realistic look we have selected five basic colors of Island Tribal Designs, Inc. non-toxic waterproof cosmetic paints. For a design such as this, the colors can be changed and customized to suit any personal preference. The paints are applied via an airbrush at 18 – 22 psi.

(Step 1) Start by choosing a good spot for your design. Keep in mind that your design should compliment the contour of the body (large designs such as our dragon, shown to the left, usually go well on the back).

(Step 2) Before we get started painting, prepare the surface of the skin using a cotton pad dampened with isopropyl alcohol. You may also wish to wear a pair of hypo-allergenic vinyl gloves for sanitary reasons. Place stencil #1 on the prepared skin. Using one hand to hold the stencil against skin (this takes some practice, you may wish to have someone assist you in holding the stencil).

Asian Dragon Stencil 1

(Step 3) Using stencil alignment guides, place stencil #2 over existing image. With stencil #2 and red paint, repeat techniques in step #3.

Asian Dragon Stencil 2

(Step 4) Once again using stencil alignment guides, place stencil #3 (your final stencil) over existing image. Repeat techniques in step #3 using blue paint over the horns and scales. Use the green paint over the remaining portion of the stencil.

Asian Dragon Sentcil 3

(Step 5) This step utilizes freehand shading techniques with black on the underside of design and yellow through the scales to blend the stenciled colors together. Remove the remaining over-spray with cotton pad and isopropyl alcohol. Lightly dust the design with setting powder using your cosmetic brush. The end result is a three dimensional effect that brings your beautiful five color Asian dragon to life!

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